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By lajin-paida, Nov 20 2014 06:17PM

Berichten von der Lajinpaida- Workshop-Teilnehmer

aus Malysia

Bericht Nr. 1

My name is Nancy Kwan, I come from Klang, Selangor.

I joined the Paidalajin in Klang 14 months ago and found it a great help especially to my body pain and walking. So, I decided to join this program last year.

Before my coming here, I had backache, frozen shoulders, weak legs and waist pain. I had to hold on to the rails when climbing the staircase. I went from western treatment to Chinese treatment. I felt that the Chinese treatments are more effective.

These few days, I feel that the pains going away slowly one by one. I have no more backache, am able to buckle my bra, can walk very well. I was very happy and satisfied with this program.

After the intensive Paidalajin on both arms, the knees, I could walk well and pains were going away.

Now more than 90% of the pain is gone. I will continue to do Paidalajin and follow the suggested diet at home. I will do the fasting once a week .

I am very happy I come.

Nancy Kwan, Female, Klang

Bericht Nr. 2

For the past few months, I have been feeling breathless, physically tired until I cannot do my housework. At the same time, chest pain and sometimes heart pain. Especially the past month, I could not catch up my breath even when I was at rest. Luckily my husband was home. He did paida for me on my left inner elbow for 5-10 minutes, immediately ‘blue black sha’ appeared, scared my husband.

I feel sick so I am attending this paida and lajin workshop.

Besides shortness of breath, I did have quite serious anemia, motion sickness whenever I sit in any form of transportations for long.

After that day, my husband checked the latest workshop to be available. Luckily Aug 2-8 was going to be held in KL so I registered myself.

Today is 6th day of workshop. I am feeling better overall though physically my whole body is aching. But I understand and accept it as ‘qi chong bing zao’ (healing crisis).

On the 1st day itself, I experienced bad cramp on my right hand until my finger tips. It was very painful. Trainers did paida on my hand itself. 20 minutes later I felt better but still feeling the swollen pain due to the cramp.On 2nd day, during the morning jogging, I started feeling breathless and both legs aching, strenuous to finish the jogging so I stopped half way.On 3rd day, I discovered and learned how to use mental cultivation methods during both paida and lajin sessions especially paida. These methods really helps me to overcome paida pain. During paida head session, I started experiencing head pain and some migraine. Another ‘qi chong bing zao’ appeared. At the same time, I was feeling both ears up to my nose were filled with unbearable painful qi but this qi was much relieved after paida both sides of my head.

Surprisingly I was ok with 1st day fasting.On 4th day, morning jogging was better but still didn’t manage to finish - less ‘short of breath’ though.

During paida my thigh (inner) session, I have learned how to paida until ‘sha’ appeared. Very happy and relax though physically more tired after self paida for almost 1 hour. Now, I have a nickname ‘iron lady’ given by all the group friends. Ha..ha!!

On day 5, I still couldn’t finish morning jogging but better, less breathless. Whereas for paida and lajin I feel better, some improvement but not significant yet.

For fasting ‘quite a shock’ that I managed to fast for 3 days. Of course, I did feel my stomach ‘crock-crock’ sometimes.On day 6, I had cramp on my right head again but his time better not as bad on 1st day. Started having food/millet.At this moment, I am feeling better overall, less breathless, chest pain less.

Once I go home, I shall continue doing my paida and lajin. Also paida my head because my head is painful still.

Yvonne Lee, Klang, Malaysia

8 Aug 2014

Texte & Bilder Quelle :

During paida my thigh (inner) session...
During paida my thigh (inner) session...
 I have learned how to paida until ‘sha’ appeared.
I have learned how to paida until ‘sha’ appeared.

By lajin-paida, Nov 17 2014 06:16PM

I fell down while wearing a15cm high heel in 2012. Ensuing this, I started to have spinal and cervical problems. I was not able to lift up even a 2kg object. I went for MRI and made an appointment with a doctor in Singapore for a procedure/injection.

I’ve suffered greatly over the last 2 years. I had to be assisted by a maid while changing clothes as I was not able to stretch my hands to the back.

My husband objected to the idea of injection and the appointment in Singapore in Sept 2014. Instead, he brought me to attend the Aug 2014 7-day PaidaLajin-workshop in Malaysia.

Clearly, I am healed after PaidaLajin! In a standing position, I am now able to bend down with hands touching the floor as compared to reaching only knee level on 1st day. Now I cantouch the floor! Due to the previous fall, I used to walk (with my left foot) a little ‘slanting’. But now, I am able to walk straight and put on the clothes myself without any assistance. My body feelslight and fresh.

Many thanks to teacher Liu Ying, Mr. Zhou Ping, Madam Chuah, Madam Sim Gek Hiynand Mr. Chin Kim Wah.

I am very happy because I can sleep better now. In the past 2 years I sometimes had to take sleeping pills to get to sleep. Currently, I can bend with hands touching the floor, and my hands can stretch and reach to the back, I can now walk with my ‘feet’ straight.

I here by acknowledge and believe that PaidaLajin can heal diseases.

Once again, many thanks!

ML Yap, Jakarta, Indonesia 8Aug 2014

(印尼文 In indonisische Sprache )

Pada tahun 2012, saya jatuhdikeranakan pakai sepak high heel 15cm, akhirnya tulang punggangand tulang leher problem.

Tidak bias angkat barang yangberatnya 2kg. Sudah MRI and sudah appointment doktor Singapurauntuk di injek di suntik di bulan September 2014.

Selama 2 tahun sangatmenderita tidak bisa pakai baju sendiri, kerana tangan tidak biaske belakang.

Pakai baju harus di bantu olehpembantu/servant.

Lalu suami saya tidak setujujika saya di suntik di doctor Singapura pada September 2014 nanti.Akhirnya saya dibawa Paida Lajin selama 7 hari.

Ternyata, setelah menjalaniPaida Lajin saya SEMBUH!

Tangan saya bisa menyentuhlantai dalam posisi saya berdiri dan bengkuk. Padahal awalnya,tangan saya hanya bisa pada titik lutut, tidak bisa sampai kelantai. Sekarang, BISA!

Lalu, kaki kiri saya yangbekas jatuh, sekarang bisa lurus, bisa jalan dengan lurus. Awalnya,telapak kaki kiri miring-miring.Dan, kaki ini saya sudah bisa pakaibaju tanpa dibantu orang lain.

Badan saya pun terasa segakand ringan.

Saya sangat happy kerana sayasudah bisa tidur dengan mudah. Awalnya saya tidur dengan ubat tidurselama 2 tahun (kadang-kadang).

Sekarang, tangan saya bisa kebelakang, telapak kaki bisa jalan dengan lurus dan tangan bisamenyentuh lantai dalam posisi berdiri danbengkuk.

Saya mengakui dan percayabahawa Paida Lajin bisa menyembuhkan penyakit.

Sekali lagi manythanks.

ML Yap, Jakarta,Indonesia

8 Aug 2014


Erst Versuch bevor Lajinpaida.
Erst Versuch bevor Lajinpaida.
Dann habe ich gedehnt und geklopft.
Dann habe ich gedehnt und geklopft.
Danach könnte ich  so weit unter biegen.
Danach könnte ich so weit unter biegen.

By lajin-paida, Nov 15 2014 02:53PM

14.12 .2014 (Sonntag)

Zeit : Ab 11:00 - 15:00

Ort: Studio_ Die Kunst des Dao

Altfried Str. 4 44369


*Eine Zusammenfassung über das Jahr 2014

*Spezielle Fälle

*Freiwilliger Erfahrungsaustausch


*Gemeinsames Mittagessen

(Jeder könnte etwas gesundes Essen mitbringen )

Es wird leckeren Ingwer Tee/chinesische Tee und Kleinigkeiten zu genießen geben.

Ehemalige Kursteilnehmer + Familie Herzlich Willkommen !!!

By lajin-paida, Nov 10 2014 12:50PM

Ich bedanke mich für Leute , die eingene Selbstheilungserfahrung mit uns teilen!!!

Hallo! Fei!

My eyesight is very much improved. ( Glaskörpertrübung ist verschwunden)

I am very happy about it.

Besides, after Lajin,my body is not any so stiff any more . My mind is much calmer and I don’t think and worry things over and over like before. My shoulder problem has also been improved .

I didn’t expect having so many positive results within such a short time!

I keep practicing!

Thanks again Fei!

With warm greetings




By lajin-paida, Nov 10 2014 12:05PM

From Lajinpaida to Lotus sitting


I started Lajin in March 2013 when I had frozen shoulder. Three months later, I accidentally learned about paida. Although I did not practice lajinpaida everyday, I do it very often. Lajinpaida healed my knee pain, frozen shoulder, and lower back pain.

I formed a new habit: follow and read Master Xiao Hongchi’s blog (English website: everyday ever since I learned about its existence. On October 25th, 2013, there was an article about Lajin leading to easy lotus sitting. I started to think that maybe I should give it a shot. On November 10th, there was another article on Master Xiao’s blog about lajin leading to lotus sitting by a different author. On November 11th, there was an article that was sent to my email talking about the miraculous and powerful healing that lotus sitting can achieve. I am now thinking that the articles may have been a sign that the universe was “showing” me that I should practice lotus sitting? :)

Looking back at my own Wechat, I started half lotus sitting (only putting one foot on top of the opposing thigh) on November 12th, 15 minutes each side. My legs were so stiff that they felt like frozen hard and numb. It was very difficult to undo the sitting. The side of my knees hurting really badly. Paida knees helped to relieve the pain. I practiced lajin 20 minutes each side early in the morning on November 13th. Half lotus sitting 20 minutes each side. I felt my legs lighter when walking that afternoon. I was not sure it was because of the lajin and half lotus sitting in the morning or the fact that I did not wear boots that day.

Sunday November 17th, 2013 I went to practice Taichi. The weather was really nice that morning with lots of Sunshine. After more than one hour's practice ended, I felt warm and relaxed. I started to discuss lotus sitting with some of my friends. Two of them learned to lotus sit since they were boys. They did lotus sitting easily on the parking lot. I admired them so much that I tried to do what they did: put one foot on top of the opposing thigh, then use both hands to pull the other foot on the opposing thigh. To my surprise, after only five days of practicing half lotus sitting, I was able to do a full one! I was so excited that I dared not to get up and go for my phone. I was afraid that once I got up, I would not be able to do the sitting again! I asked a friend to take my phone out of a small pocket on my bike, which was parked not far away. She took a nice picture of me, lotus sitting.

With just five short days of practicing half lotus sitting, I was able to do a full one. How amazing! I have to contribute this achievement to my willingness to change my life style. I started to practice Tai Chi in January 2010. I came with knee pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain, and a very stiffed back. I spent lots of money and huge amount of time trying to treat my pains with a doctor. My lower back pain reduced bit by bit and eventually the pain disappeared with lajinpaida. I have totally healed myself with that pain! The lotus sitting is a result of two-and-half years of acupuncture & acupressure, three years of tai chi, two years of vegan style eating, 8 months of lajin, and 5 months paida.

I want to stress that lajinpaida played a huge role in my lotus sitting. Although I was able to do it, each time I had to use both hands to drag and pull. I found out that if I lajin first, even if just 10 minutes each leg, lotus sitting would become easier. In my early days of lotus sitting, I spent lots of time paida the side of my knees. The pain was gone in a few months. Then I started to feel the side of my ankles really hurting. Again, I used paida to get rid of the pain. The pain on the left ankle is pretty much gone by now, but I still feel the pain on my right ankle. This is because I sprained my right ankle a couple of years ago. I need to continue paida my right ankle after lotus sitting.

There is one thing in common about tai chi, lajinpaida, and lotus sitting: qi. I can feel qi floating to all my ten finger tips with a tinkling sensation (pardon me for my choice of words, but this is the best I can describe it) whenever I put my focus on my body when practicing any of the above. However, if my mind wonders off somewhere else, the tinkling sensation will go away. All I need to do is to stay focused, it will come back. Now I totally understand why our mind and body need to sync. It is not easy to stay focused all the time. As long as we keep on training our mind and body simultaneously, sync will happen upon you.

We are all born with the ability of lotus sitting. If I can do it, you can too. Master Xiao often said that reasoning, we can talk about; the only way you get Daoism is action. My dear friends, please start now: lajinpaida, and lotus sitting. Just do it!

(Dongxiao, Plano, TX) 214-506-3487 U.S.A.


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